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Somalia: Al Shabaab gunmen attack two checkpoints in Bossaso, Mayor wounded


BOSSASO, Somalia, April 5, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Suspected Al Shabaab gunmen have on Sunday evening targeted two security checkpoints and the residence of Armo mayor with pre-planned raids in the latest of string of rampages in the Gulf of Aden port city of Bossaso, Garowe Online reports.

Officials and witnesses tell GO that the first attack occurred at a checkpoint near Yasmin Plaza hotel, leading to undisclosed number of casualty figures.

Al Shabaab gunmen also launched the second attack on government forces manning a security checkpoint at Afar-irdodka Junction, killing a soldier and wounding a civilian bystander.

Meanwhile, the militants raided the residence of Armo Mayor Mohamed Ali Shire. Shire who sustained gunshot wounds to the upper part of his body is being treated at private medical facility according to reliable sources.

Nobody immediately claimed credit for the series of attacks that rattled Puntland’s most populous city, Bossaso.

Al Shabaab militants operating from hideouts along Golis Mountain ranges previously boasted of deadly attacks.

Puntland Defence Forces (PDFs) have long battled militants on battlegrounds in the rugged terrain of Galgala. 


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