Somalia: Al-Shabab publicly executes 5 men for espionage


KURTUNWAREY, Somalia - The Al Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab militant group has publicly executed five men accused of spying for the Intelligence agencies of Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia, Garowe Online reports.

The al-Qaeda-linked militant insurgency group confirmed the executions through its Radio Andalus which took place on Wednesday morning in Kurtunwarey, a rebel-held town in Lower Shabelle region.

The alleged spies were tied to poles in an open ground ahead of their execution by firing squad, said a local resident who spoke to GO by phone from the town on condition of anonymity.

Hundreds of residents, including women and children, were forced to watch the execution, he said.

An Al Shabaab court judge announced the men identified as Abdulkadir Omar, 23, Abdulkadir Shukri, 30, Mohamed Abshir Ali, 35, Ali Ahmed, 30, and Ali Yusuf, 36 were found guilty of spying on militants.

The judge, however, did not release evidence of the accusations against the victims.

Ali and Yusuf were both convicted for working with Ethiopian and Kenyan Intelligence services respectively and shot dead publicly, along three other alleged spies by Al Shabaab militants.

Lower Shabelle regional administration did not respond to a GO request for comment on the execution.

In areas under its control, al Shabaab has carried out executions, floggings, and amputations after summary trials in cases ranging from espionage to theft.

Despite losing ground, Al Shabaab has been fighting for nearly 10 years to drive out African Union peacekeepers, topple the UN-backed Somali Federal government.


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