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​Somalia: AMISOM accused of killing civilians in Barawe


BARAWE, Somalia- African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) was reported to have killed 5 civilians including children near Barawe district in Lower Shabelle region, Garowe Online reports.

Southwest state parliamentarian Mohamed Hafaay, confirmed the incident and stated the AU forces have killed a man, his wife and their 3 children.  

“AMISOM has killed a family in Wareer-malle village, we don’t know the reason behind the killing of innocent family, it’s unfortunate tragedy” said the MP.

The incident occurred after a bomb blast was reported it targeted AMISOM forces in the area.  

However, he requested the Somali Federal government to launch an investigation into the matter and hold the AMISOM accountable for the killing of innocent civilians.

However, AU officials haven’t released a statement in regard to incident near Barawe. In similar tragedy last December, AMISOM forces have killed 6 civilians in Qoryoley district after firing a mortar on a minibus ferrying passengers.

AMISOM troops were deployed to support the Somali army in their fight against Al Qaida-linked Al Shabaab militants and jointly they pushed back the militants from Mogadishu and key major towns in southern and central Somalia.


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