Somalia, AU forces seize key town


ADAN YABAL-Somali government forces aided by Ethiopian-AMISOM peacekeepers have taken back strategic town in Middle Shabelle region of southern Somalia from Al Shabaab militants without resistance, Garowe Online reports.

The capture is the first secured by Ethiopian contingents serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

Al Shabaab militants fled to Middle Shabelle region’s border with central Hiran region in advance, with situation returning to calm in liberated Adan Yabal district.

The town had since been in the hands of beleaguered Al Shabaab group that continues to lose more ground against allied forces.

Meanwhile, Somali and Ethiopian troops are advancing towards Adale after moving from bases in El Bur.

Anti-militant push has stalled for unknown reasons, prompting for donors including US and EU to threaten with funding cuts if visible gains are not consolidated over Al Shabaab group, analysts said.

“Another pressure mounts due to the fact that Puntland neutralized boatloads of militants in days,” an expert told under customary condition of anonymity.

Al Shabaab militants still remain active in a large chunk of territories in central and southern Somalia.


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Ahmed*, a Somali journalist, fled to Uganda in 2009 after he was threatened by al-Shabaab militants. He later moved to Kenya, and only returned to Somalia in 2012 after al-Shabaab had withdrawn most of its forces from the capital, Mogadishu. But danger is ever present.