Somalia: Civilian killings spark rally in Mogadishu

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online
AMISOM has been working closely with the Federal Government of Somalia [File Photo]

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The number of fatal shootings by Somali and African Union [AU] soldiers in Mogadishu has seen a sharp increase in the past months of this year, Garowe Online reports.

At least five civilians, including Safiya Abdirahman, a female school teacher were killed by officers in the line of duty.

The heartrending shootings sparked mass protests in the seaside capital by hundreds of residents, including women and children who were demanding for justice and accountability.  

Abdirahman, 24, was a University graduate opted to learn and teach at a primary school instead of fleeing the country. She lost her life to a bullet fired by a Somali police officer opened at her car, according to her father.

She has suffered critical wounds in the shooting, and then was hospitalized Monday afternoon, but, unfortunately, hours later doctors have pronounced she has succumbed to her injuries in the following evening at the hospital.

Safiy Abdirahman, who the breadwinner of her family [Photo: Online]

Besides being the breadwinner of her extended low-income family in the war-torn city, she was even helping to take care of her mentally ill mother at home. Her tragic death stoked widespread in the country and went viral online.

As Mogadishu mourns the loss of the young female school teacher, the African Union Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] soldiers shot dead four innocent Somali civilians in Mogadishu on Tuesday, November 6.

The victims - all men perished in Tuesday morning shooting spree in the city's northern Heliwa district by AU troops following an explosion that ripped through their military convoy in the vicinity of the Ex-control Balad.

- Government reacts to deadly shooting -

The Federal Government of Somalia has condemned Tuesday's incident involving Burundian troops of AMISOM contingent, in which 4 unarmed civilians were killed and asked AU mission to immediately probe into the incident.

In a statement, the Government has asked the AU mission to bring the soldiers responsible for the shooting of the four men consisting of comprised of three lorry drivers and a rickshaw driver to justice as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, AMISOM has expressed regret over the loss of lives and said it will not relent until the truth about the incident that ignited protests against the AU peacekeeping mission is known and justice is served accordingly.