Somalia: Congratulations to graduating Radio Garowe staff


GAROWE, Somalia- Four Radio Garowe staffers have graduated with different degrees from East African University (EAU) and Puntland State University (PSU) by the weekend on Thursday.

Media Association of Puntland (MAP) Chairman Faisal Khalif Bare and Radio Garowe management have conveyed congratulations to the graduates for the milestone event in their life.

The four journalists—Fadumo Mohamed Mohamud, Nasro Abdirizak Ahmed, Abdirizak Mohamed Hayir and Mohamed Abdiasis Osman—drew a lot of praise from media leaders in a rare show in the country’s conflict-battered media industry.

Radio Garowe Director Ahmed Awil Jama expressed his delight with the graduating students and talented journalists working for the FM that broadcasts daily on station in the capital, Garowe.

“This graduation is indeed encouraging and motivation not only for Puntland journalists but also for Somali journalists working under difficult conditions,” said Mr. Jama.

Continuing, Radio Garowe Director added that the management provided the journalists with ample time for classes and reading for the courses.

“We have still have many staffers who are at the same time university students at work. God willing, they will graduate in the next years and the notion that education and work cannot be pursued simultaneously has been proven wrong by what we are seeing today,’ disclosed Mr. Jama.

Moreover, MAP Chairman stressed that university education is a pre-requisite for professionalism in the media industry while commending Radio Garowe management for the decent support they offered in the course of studies.

The four graduated with different types of degrees in bachelor’s program including Information Technology, Community Development, and Public Administration.

Editors and staff writers at Garowe Online—sister publication of Radio Garowe—take a great deal of pride in your graduation!

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