Somalia: Eritrea, Ethiopia foreign ministers visit Mogadishu for talks

By Agencies + GO , Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The foreign ministers of Ethiopia and Eritrea paid on Wednesday, October 17 a one-day visit to Mogadishu to appeal to all stakeholders in Somalia to work towards the peace and stability in the country.

The two ministers Dr Workneh Gebeyehu of Ethiopia and Osman Saleh Mohammed of Eritrea paid an official visit to Mogadishu today, October 17, 2018.

The visit was part of an increased diplomatic cooperation between the three nations and following the trilateral agreement signed by the leaders of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia in Asmara, in September 2018.

The current visit forms a marked departure from past politics in the region where different actors have been supporting different factions within Somalia, creating further chaos and making Somalia ungovernable.

Eritrea, in particular, has been accused by many in the international community of supporting shadowy groups like the Al Shabaab.

If the current trends continue, this will likely have a significant effect on Somalia's slow return to a more unified and stable nation.

During the visit, the two foreign ministers held talks with Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed Farmajo, President of Somalia, and with Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre.

In a joint press statement issued after the discussion, the foreign ministers of Ethiopia and Eritrea reaffirmed their firm support for the government and people of Somalia.

They also called upon the international community to support the government of Somalia to pursue much-needed reforms and its progress towards recovery.

The foreign ministers appealed to all stakeholders to work towards the peace and stability of Somalia.

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