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Somalia: Farmajo's aide clashes with Kenyan professor over Mogadishu bombing

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Villa Somalia has clashed with a Kenyan don over Saturday's Mogadishu attack which left over 90 dead and hundreds in critical condition, Garowe Online reports.

Prof Makau Mutua, a distinguished Dean in SUNNY' Buffalo Law School, on Sunday took a swipe at Somalia following the deadly attack.

In reference to frequent terror attacks in Somalia, the Kenyan don said, neighboring countries should dismember and war-torn nation.

Mutua tweeted: "For God’s sake, Somalia is beyond reclamation. Post-colonial’s Humpty Dumpty has reached its nadi."

Somalia has been without a functional government since 1991 following the assassination of Siad Barre, with the country disintegrating into clan administrative units.

And for Mutua, a controversial figure even at his native Kenya, suggested that neighboring states should recolonize Somalia to "foster peace".

He added, "Let’s face facts — neighboring states need to DISMEMBER so-called Somalia and take all of its parts for the sake of the world."

But the remarks have attributed retribution from Villa Somalia, with President Mohamed Farmajo's Director of Communication Abdinur Mohamed terming them "unfortunate".

Abdinur said: "Dismember my FOOT! Too unfortunate for a scholar of your stature to rejoice at a calamity that befell a neighboring nation."

Somalia has been in rebuilding its mission for three decades now, a process that has been closely monitored by the international community.

For Abdinur, Somalia has made tremendous achievements in a shorter period, adding that "it will absolutely continue rising without requiring the approval of mercenaries of misfortune and misery."

Saturday's attack was the third-worst in the history of Somalia. A car bomb exploded near the "Ex-Control" police checkpoint West of Mogadishu.

Of those who died, the government said, were students and police officers. Already, 16 people have been airlifted to Turkey for specialized treatment.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish President, has been one of the international leaders who has been directly involved in offering help.

"Thank you, my brother, for the continued support and for your phone call. Cowardly acts of terrorism will not hinder our historical brotherly bond," Farmajo hailed him in a statement.

Prof Mutua is not a stranger to extremist comments given that when President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto were facing crimes against humanity at ICC, he called for their resignation.

In 2016, he applied for the post of Chief Justice of Kenya but was omitted by the recruitment committee commonly called the Judicial Service Commission.

Somalia is headed for crucial polls in December 2020, which would define her future. Already, the international community has endorsed the preparations.


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