​Somalia: Federal Parliament drops a motion to unseat the Constitutional Minister


MOGADISHU, Somalia- Federal lawmakers who were expected to cast a vote of no confidence against the Federal Minister of Constitutional Affairs, have decided to drop the motion on Saturday, following his apology, Garowe Online reports.

Today’s’ parliamentary inquiry of Federal Minister Abdirahman Hosh Jibril,  was attended by 153 lawmakers, who listened to Jibirl’s statement regarding recent comment he posted on his personal Twitter account slamming the Federal Parliament's decision.

Jibril criticized the Federal Parliament for overruling Somalia’s Supreme Court verdict to nullify 8 seats of the Lower House chamber for election malpractice and fraud. The Supreme Court ordered for re-election of the seats.

Addressing the Parliament, Minister Jibirl, admitted wrongdoing posting the statement on the social media, and said he would not have done it if he knew it will escalate to the point.      

“I regret my statement I posted on my Twitter account, and if I knew it will escalate to the level, I would not have posted it. I request from you [the Parliament[ to forgive me,” said Minister Jibirl.

After his statement, the Federal lawmakers jointly decided to pardon the Minister and drop the motion to cast a vote of no confidence against him, after skipping a parliamentary inquiry and posting the statement on the social media. 

The dispute between the Parliament and the Minister was sparked end of last month, and was reported that top government officials including the President has intervened to push the Parliament to drop the motion.

According to the Provisional Federal Constitution, the Federal Parliament has the authority to summon top government officials including the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers and independent institutions, and can carry out no confidence vote against those who refuse it.