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Somalia: Foreign Affairs committee asks for consultation on country’s stand on Gulf crisis


MOGADISHU, Somalia- The chairman of the Federal Parliament committee on Foreign Affairs, Abdulaqdir Osoble, sent a letter to the Federal government asking to open a debate on its decision regarding the Gulf crisis, Garowe Online reports.

The letter which was sent to the Parliament Speaker and Somali President Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed Farmajo, requested from the concerned government branches to do a broad consultative forum on the matter. 

The letter which was received by GO, indicates that many Federal lawmakers and politicians are disagreeing with the Federal government's decision to stay neutral.

“Your Excellency, President, the latter conveys Federal Parliament’s concern on the political decision of the government regarding the Gulf crisis, as many lawmakers from the Foreign Affairs committee raised worries, they requested from me to share their concerns with you,” read the letter.

It is expected that the Foreign Affairs committee of both Lower and Upper chambers of Federal Parliament will deliberate the matter in the coming period, following the official opening of the second sessions of both Houses. 

Previously, the chairman of senate committee on Foreign Affairs, Abdirazaq Osman Hasan “Jurile” has requested from the Federal government to reverse its decision and side with Saudi-led bloc against Qatar, saying those countries shared long political and economical relation with Somalia. 


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