Somalia: Former NISA chief to respond to House allegation  

By Staff Reporter , GAROWE ONLINE
Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Sanbalolshe, former NISA head set to respond to house report

MOGADISHU, Somalia - After the House has released a report over Qalbi Dhagah's extradition this week, top government officials began talks with former NISA chief Abdullahi Mohamed Ali "Sanbalolshe", Garowe Online reports.

The talks are aimed to silence Sanbalolshe after an inquiry Parliamentary from the House accused the intelligence agency NISA of misleading the cabinet on Qalbi Dhagah extradition after an investigation.

Abdikarim Sheikh Muse Qalbi Dhagah, who is a senior Ogaden National Liberation Front [ONLF] was detained in central Somalia in August and extradited to Ethiopia by the end of the same month.

Days after the extradition, Somali cabinet had defended the rendition labeling as ONLF outlawed terrorist group. 

The quick handover has sparked public outrage which led the Lower House chamber of the Somali Parliament to form an inquiry team made up of 15 MPs who launched a two-month probe into the case.

On Saturday, November 18, the team has submitted their final findings to the house and directed a blame at the National Intelligence Agency (NISA) over the controversial extradition of ONLF leader.

The report endorsed by over 152 MPs during the session.

"After having seen all constitutions that Somalia had since 1960 and the country's rules over the extradition of the suspects and criminals, the inquiry body found out that the handover of Qalbi Dhagah was not done legally and the judiciary was not consulted," the report reads in part.

The 15 member committee briefing the house has announced that NISA had taken a unilateral decision and extradited Qalbi Dhagah to Ethiopia, giving untrustworthy information to the national leaders.

Former NISA head was reported to mulling to retain his previous seat in the House of the People, of Somalia’s Federal parliament which he left after being appointed as the country's Spy chief in April.

Sources tell GO that Villa Somalia, the Presidential Palace is helping Sanbalolshe regain his ex-Parliament seat and offered him a high-level position within the Federal Government if he fails to rejoin the house.

Sanbalolshe came under the spotlight following the house committee report over the ONLF leader's transfer and he faced uncertainty about his future to go back to the membership of the Parliament.

"Qalbi Dhagah's family may file a lawsuit against Sanbalolshe if he is being reelected as a member of Parliament," a legal expert based in Mogadishu, told GO via phone on condition of anonymity.

The government opponents have since the house report was released accused the leaders of the country, President Farmajo and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire of playing a role in the rendition of Abdikarim Muse Qalbi-Dhagax, ONLF commander, and former Somali military officer to Ethiopian.

They also putting pressure on Sanbalolshe to react to the report by the parliamentary committee.

The commander of the NISA is being appointed by a Presidential decree and his works under the directives of Somali PM, according to the constitution, without seeking approval from the Parliament.


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