Somalia: Government seeks to mediate Galmudug political crisis

By Staff Reporter , Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Federal Government of Somalia has announced Saturday it will mediate in the current political stalemate in Galmudug, the country’s central Federal State, Garowe Online reports.

Speaking a press conference in Mogadishu, Somalia’s minister of Interior Abdi Mohamed Sabriye said the government is currently working a reconciliation conference to resolve the differences between the rival sides.

The talks are scheduled to kick start in Mogadishu on 30th May. Sabriye called on Galmudug President to postpone the reshuffle of his cabinet until the dispute is fully resolved. 

The political crisis has emerged following a dispute over the power-share agreement brokered by IGAD last year in Djibouti, which was aimed at ending long-running rivalry and division in the regional administration.

Sources revealed to GO that Galmudug and Ahlu Sunna Waljama leaders are in deadlock over the unification of the parliaments of both sides and the formation of the new cabinet.

“The government is worried about the renewed political conflict in Galmudug. We call for a lasting solution for the standoff to move Somalia towards the path of sustainable peace and development,” said the Interior Minister.

- Hands off Galmudug's affairs -

The leader of Galmudug, Ahmed Dualle Geelle Haaf has accused the Federal government in Mogadishu of interfering in his State’s political stalemate and asked to keep off their internal affairs.

The state has been in turmoil and conflict since its establishment in 2014.

The allegation comes amid soaring relations between Villa Somalia and some Federal Member States after collision over the share of the natural resource, foreign financial assistance and government’s stance towards the Gulf crisis.

Early this month, Jubbaland leader Ahmed Madobe blamed the Mogadishu-based government for failing to remain on its neutral position and siding with Qatar against UAE, the biggest trading partner and supporter of Somalia.

Last month, the UAE has decided to disband its military training programme in Somalia which started in 2014 to build the capabilities of the Somali army.

The decision comes in response to Somali security forces' seizure of a UAE-registered civil aircraft at Mogadishu Airport on 8th April and confiscation of $9.6 million cash destined to pay the Somali soldiers.

Bilateral relations between the UAE and Somalia have been deteriorating since March 13 when Somali parliament voted a legislation banning UAE ports operator DP World, the world's third-biggest container port operator, from operating in its country.


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