Somalia: Heavy clashes in Southern Somalia, 10 killed


BAYDABO, Somalia- Southwest state forces have carried out attacks in Lidale district in Bay region, targeting Al Shabab base in southwestern region of Somalia on Saturday, Garowe Online reports.

At least 10 people, including seven Al-Shabaab militants and three Somali soldiers were killed on Saturday, after state forces raided Al  Shabaab base in Lidale district, General Ibraahim Yarow, a Senior military advisor to the Somali National Army confirmed the reports to local media.

Deputy Commander of the Police forces in Southwest state, Mohamed Isaaq said they are carrying out anti terror operations to flush out Al Shabaab militants from Bay region.

“Southwest Police forces ambushed Al Shabab militants in their base located in Lidale district, we inflicted great losses them, killing 7 militants,” said Police deputy commander.

Al Qaida linked Al Shabaab group didn’t comment on the attack or causality they suffered from the raid.

Al Shabaab militants group are fighting western backed Somali government, Somali government troops and AMISOM troops in a bid to overthrow the Somali government.


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