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Somalia: Interior Minister’s guards recalled amid fears for his security


MOGADISHU, Somalia- The security personnel for Somalia’s Interior Minister Abdi Farah Saed “Juha” were reported been recalled by the Minister of Defense, leaving the Federal Minister with no security protection in the past days, Garowe Online reports.

The order has caused security concerns to Minister Juha who opted not to attend the Ministry in the past two days due to lack of security protection.

This came following Somalia’s Federal government's recent decision to return back all army soldiers to their duty stations.  

Close sources revealed that the new government policy has greatly affected the daily-tasks of Minister Juha who is the head of one of the most challenging government institutions in Somalia.

Other reports also indicated that Minister Juha and officials from the Defense and Security have disagreed on the matter as Juha requested to keep his security details at this period and not to use new private security guards.

On his side, Prime Minister Khayre asked the public to put their trust in the current administration and noted that the Federal Minister Juha indicted to the officials that having trusted security personnel is significantly essential to carry out his tasks. 

Previously, the Interior Minister has complained to the Somali Federal government on the lack of official vehicles, as former Minister of Interior refused to hand over a bullet-proof vehicle designated to the Ministry.

Sources said that Minister Juha has currently decided to remain at his residence till the Somali Federal government intervenes and resolve the matters.

This coincides amid new orders by the Somali Federal government calling private security companies to officially list their companies and their security personnel to operate in the capital Mogadishu.

The security situation in Mogadishu remains unstable, as al-Shabaab group still waging sporadic attacks against government officials, security forces and allied AMISOM forces in a bid to topple the western-backed Somali Federal government in Mogadishu.  


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