Somalia: Jubaland captures foreigners for illegal fishing


KISMAYO, Somalia- Somalia's Jubbaland state authorities have paraded eight foreign fishermen in the coastal town of Kismayo on Tuesday morning, Garowe Online reports.

The foreigners who are six Pakistani and two Iranians were captured on the shores of Kudha town in Lower Juba region by Jubaland maritime forces, according to officials.

Speaking to reporters in Kismayo city, a senior Jubaland official said the detained foreigners will be brought before a court for fishing illegally in its territorial waters.

"These Iran and Pakistani fishermen have plundered our sea resources massively. We have managed to capture them and their fishing boat this week,’’ said the official.

This the first foreign fishermen to be captured in Jubbaland's seaside in years.

Local fishermen have continuously complained about foreign trawlers from  several Asian countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Yemen who are doing illegal fishing and dumping toxic waste, since the ouster of central government in 1991.


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