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Somalia leaders meet in Nairobi over 2020/21 polls

By Staff Reporter , GAROWE ONLINE
The three, sources said, discussed about the upcoming elections which has seen the leadership of the country hugely divided.

NAIROBI, Kenya - The much anticipated elections in Somalia continue to take shape with opposition leaders intensifying their onslaught against President Mohamed Farmajo.

United Nations is pushing for 'one one one vote' model which has however forced resistance from a section of leaders.

On Saturday, former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Jubaland leader Ahmed Madobe and ex-South West leader Hassan Sheikh held a meeting in Nairobi.

The three, sources said, discussed about the upcoming elections which has seen the leadership of the country hugely divided.

While the opposition is cautious about delay of the polls, the Federal Goverment of Somalia insists that preparations are in place to deliver polls.

Saturday's meeting was the first between Sheikh Ahmed Madobe and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed since the former took oath in Kismayo.

Madobe, who has been in Nairobi for three weeks now, is fighting continued seclusion from FGS which has refused to recognize his August victory.

In September, Sharif Sheikh was blocked from travelling to Kismayo for Madobe's swearing-in but would later attend by using Nairobi route.

Despite the animosity with FGS, Sharif Sheikh led a group of politicians from Forum for National Parties (FNP) last month for a meeting with Farmajo.

The meeting, FNP said, settled on the need to hold elections in time, collective responsibility in the fight against Al-Shabaab among others.

But Madobe's meeting with Sharif Sheikh could raise eyebrows in Villa Somalia given their recent bromance which is much political.

Recently, Madobe accused FGS of working closely with Ethiopian non-AMISOM troops to seize sections of Gedo region in Jubaland.

Sharif Sheikh's FNP has already written to Ethiopian PM Ahmed Abiy seeking answers to what they term as "forceful incursion" in Somali territory.

Opposition team is keen to use 2020 polls to beat the FGS, which has recently been under pressure over alleged violation of human rights, incompetence among other things.

Mr Sharif Sheikh had vowed to "eject" Farmajo out of Mogadishu but a meeting brokered by intelligence chief Fahad Yasin cooled temperatures in Mogadishu.

Nairobi meeting also comes days after Wadajir party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur accused FGS of working with terrorists to undermine other leaders.


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