Somalia: Lower House elections resumed in Galmudug, postponed in Hirshabelle


ADADO, Somalia- The ballot to elect Federal MPs representing Galmudug state in the upcoming Federal Parliament of Somalia has resumed for the second day in Adado city, Garowe Online reports.

The delegates have arrived at the election center to cast votes among lawmakers aspirants and so far one federal MP has been elected in today's voting for the lower house chamber.

Abdiqadir Gaafow, has secured the first seat in the polling results against his rivals, who is a brother to General Abdualhi Gaafow, the Director of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA).

However, despite tensions and corruption allegations in the ongoing process, 8 MPs including former information minister and outgoing federal lawmaker Mustafa Dhuhulow was elected yesterday, in the second phase of the voting.

In Jowhar town, the interim capital of newly established Hirshabelle state, the lower house election is reportedly postponed till next Saturday due to a deadlock between several sub-clans over the electoral process.

Yesterday, 5 MPs were selected in the first phase of ballot in Hirshabelle, that saw the election of Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir, a close ally of the caretaker Somali President and former Minister Federal for Justice, also Abdullahi Mohamed Ali known as “Sanbalolshe” a Somali ambassador to Turkey and former Federal Minister.

Pundits expects further delays to the presidential election, which was scheduled to be hold in November 30, due to the slow progress of the parliamentary elections in the regional states.