Somalia marks somber first anniversary of deadliest bombing

By Staff reporter , GAROWE ONLINE

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Today, Somalia is marking the first anniversary of a truck bombing in Mogadishu that killed more than 500 people, the country’s deadliest attack in its history, Garowe Online reports.

A monument to commemorate the victims of October 14 attack was erected along Zoobe, a busy business area in the heart of the capital, the site where the horrendous explosion occurred last year.

Somali government declared 14th October as a National Day of Mourning and called for nationwide memorial events to commemorate the fallen citizens and loved ones.

The devastating blast has also left hundreds of people missing and presumed to be dead, according to a national emergency committee tasked with the assessment.

The Federal government in Mogadishu has accused al-Shabaab of being behind the catastrophic truck bomb attack. However, the Al-Qaeda-linked group did not say a word on the devastating attack.

- 'The main suspect in Oct. 14 truck bombing executed' - 

Somali military court in Mogadishu announced Sunday it has executed a man convicted of coordinating the Oct. 14 truck bombing by firing squad at police training camp in the capital.

Hassan Aden executed for having role in Oct 14 truck bombing

Hassan Aden Isak, who was found guilty of being the driver of an explosives-laden vehicle planned to carry out the second explosion on the same day of the truck bombing in Zoobe junction.

The court has sentenced him to death last month.

His execution coincided with a nationwide commemoration of the Oct. 14 attack that claimed the lives of over 500 people, with hundreds wounded. 


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