Somalia: NISA apprehends suspect behind Mogadishu port bombing


MOGADISHU, Somalia- Security authorities has reported it had captured the suspect is believed behind the deadly car bombing near Somalia’s main seaport in Mogadishu city in December 11, Garowe Online reports. 

Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) has displayed the picture of the driver who was arrested during a security sweep in Mogadishu. The driver is identified as Mohamed Ibrahim Hasan, according to the agency’s Twitter post.  

Hasan is accused of driving an explosive-laden vehicle from Janale district to Mogadishu port, which resulted in the killing of 20 people and wounding dozens more.   

On the other hand, Al Qaida-affiliated Al Shabaab militants still didn’t comment on the arrest of the driver, who is accused to be linked to the group.

The suspect has claimed responsibility for the attack at Mogadishu port and he is expected to undergo trials at the court following ongoing investigations.

Mogadishu city has witnessed surge of terrorist attacks in the past weeks by the militant group who is fighting the security forces, allied AMISOM forces and UN-backed Somali government.

Earlier, the group has vowed to disrupt the Somali election, as the country is preparing to hold elections of new Parliament Speakers and new President in January 2017.


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