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Somalia: NISA clashes with police near Parliament compound in Adado, 7 injured


ADADO, Somalia- Country’s National Intelligence andSecurity Agency (NISA) soldiers have clashed with Galmudug Police forces, around the Parliament hall in Adado town in central Somalia on Tuesday, Garowe Online reports.

A resident told GO that the clash has sparked a heavy exchange of gunfire between the sides who have been in deadlock over the control of Galmudug’s Parliament compound in Adado in the past few days. 

At least seven soldiers from both warring sides are reported to have been wounded in the fighting. Local residents expressed fear over the escalating tensions in the town. 

Reports said NISA forces used battle-wagons and heavy artillery to attack the Parliament building, where heavily armed local Police are protecting MPs who recently voted out Galmudug state President Abdikarim Hussein Guled from office. 

State assembly claimed that Guled has lost his job after members of the Galmudug Parliament voted in favor of a no-confidence motion against him last week, causing political uncertainty in the central regional administration which has is beset with insecurity. 

The reports from Adado indicate that the members of Galmudug state Parliament are preparing an election to pick a new President, despite the resistance of Guled over their past no confidence motion.


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