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Somalia: Parliament speaker moves out of official residence

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The speaker of the House of the People, Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman has reportedly moved out of his official residence amid political deadlock, Garowe Online reports.

Abdirahman vacated Villa Uganda in the presidential palace and relocated to a hotel near Mogadishu airport, as an alternative place to live after a fallout with President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

The move came after the speaker's residence was picketed and barred from opposition MPs' visit for accepting an impeachment motion against President Farmajo by 92 members of parliament on Dec. 9.

The lawmakers tabled the motion accused the president of signing secret and unconditional agreements with Ethiopia and Eritrea without the consent of the national assembly and the cabinet.

They also blamed the president of abusing of the presidential powers and extradition law after his government handed over ONLF commander, Abdikarim Qalbi-Dhagah to Ethiopia last year.

In a statement on Wednesday, the speaker said he received a valid motion to impeach the president from 92 MPs last Sunday in accordance with article 92 of the constitution and rules of the Parliament.

Additionally, he vowed to go ahead with the impeachment against Farmajo and turned down a call to drop it amid efforts to mediate the differences.

Last Monday, the deputy Speakers of Parliament Abdiweli Mudey and Mahad Awad rejected the impeachment motion as "unlawful" and said Abdirahman will take responsibility for any consequences.

The duo announced that the current motion to outs the president would only create a political conflict as the long-chaotic Horn of Africa country does not have the constitutional court to rule on the legality.

The president can be unseated by a joint session of both houses of the parliament (275 Lower House and 54 Upper House), with a two-thirds majority, per the constitution. 


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