Somalia: PM calls for end to clan fighting in central villages


MOGADISHU, Somalia Nov 30, 2014 (Garowe Online) –Federal Government of Somalia’s Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed has called on warring clan militias in central villages to put an end to fighting on Sunday, Garowe Online reports.

While expressing concern over fatalities from the clan fighting, Somalia Prime Minister pleaded with traditional leaders and Islamic scholars to invite the opposing clans to the negotiating table.

“I urge the two brotherly clans to reach a ceasefire without precondition, and abandon recurrent and meaningless hostilities,” Mohamed said in a press statement from his office.

At least 15 people died and nearly 20 were wounded in the inter-clan clashes near Mudug region town of HararDhere of central Somalia on Friday.

Long-running disputes over the ownership of water boreholes are said to have spawned the clan fighting.


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