Somalia publishes list of 9 Al-Shabaab associates


MOGADISHU, Somalia - In line with the enforcement of various strategic measures geared towards curbing violent extremism, Somalia has published nine names of individuals collaborating with Al-Shabaab by either coordinating attacks or overseeing extortion across the country.

The National Anti-money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Committee (NAMLC) issued the list of individuals suspected of financing Al-Shabaab, citing credible evidence about activities perpetuated by the individuals.

The suspects, the NAMLC added, have mainly been extorting innocent civilians and, or directly financing the Al-Shabaab across the country, causing havoc in the process. The individuals have been placed on the blacklist as authorities pursue them.

Among those placed on the list are Abdullahi Tahleel Hire, Hassan Ali Afgio, Abdulkarim Ahmed Jugjuge, Feisal Abdullahi Yusuf, Noah Isse Lugole, and Sayed Ali Shirwa. They come mainly from southern parts of the country where Al-Shabaab militants are dominant.

Others listed in the blacklist are Abdullahi Osman Mohamed (Tutah), Abdullahi Hassan Abdi Osobleh, and Mohamed Sahal Idleh. They have been under the radar for many months before the decision to have them in the blacklist was reached.

The government of Somalia has heightened the fight against Al-shabaab with military help from the US Africa Command and the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS). The military approach alone is not viewed as ideal, forcing the government to improvise other strategies.

Last year, the government managed to close down over 250 Bank accounts associated with individuals financing Al-Shabaab along with over 70 mobile money transfer firms. A directive was issued against the business people remitting zakat to the militants, with the government warning possible revocation of licenses.

Since then, the government has declared a total crackdown against the Al-Shabaab who control large swathes of rural central and southern regions. The fight against the militants has yielded positives including the death of over 3,000 militants in the last two years.


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