​Somalia: seeks compensation for the Internet outage


MOGADISHU, Somalia- Somali government says it is seeking a compensation for a widespread internet outage after the fibre optic cables are cut by a ship more than two week ago, Garowe Online reports.

A commercial ship named MSC Alice has been accused of cutting the undersea cable in the Indian Ocean, however, the firm that owns the vessel demands for clear and reasonable evidence.

Somalia’s Attorney General, Ahmed Ali Dahir, has asked the company for pay a compensation for the economic loss that resulted from the Internet outage. It’s yet unclear which country belongs to the Ship.

“The country has a law and functioning government. We want a compensation for the ongoing internet outage costing Somalia $10m each day. We need an answer from the company of the ship,” said Dahir.

Somali government officials have ordered the MSC Alice vessel to be held off Mogadishu coast until the problem is fixed and internet service is restored, according to sources.

The Ministry of Information said Wednesday that engineers had been dispatched from Oman to repair the underwater Internet cables, but did not state when connection will be restored.

The loss of internet service which began last June has sparked anger across Somalia and affected the central and southern parts of the horn of Africa country, including the capital, Mogadishu.


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