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​Somalia: Soldiers among ten wounded in a tea shop blast in Burane town


BURANE, Somalia - At least Ten people were injured when an explosion ripped a small and busy tea shop popular with soldiers in the southern town of Burane on Sunday evening, Garowe Online reports.

Police and local officials, told GO that the overnight blast has resulted from a bomb that was planted in the tea shop. The wounded include three soldiers, while the rest are civilians, according the sources.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the cafe bombing, but Al Shabaab militants have launched similar attacks in the past in a campaign to unseat the western-backed Somali government.

The victims injured in the explosion at the tea shop in Burane town, among them some with serious wounds were taken to hospital in Jowhar district, 90 km north of Mogadishu for treatment.

Somali National Army (SNA), along with African Union forces drove out Al Shabaab fighters from most of its strongholds in Middle Shabelle region during a joint offensive launched in the past few months.


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