Somalia: ​Tension runs high in central Somalia as 6 killed in clan clashes


 DHUSAMAREB, Somalia - Tension is high in eastern Galgaduud region of central Somalia as deadly clashes between two clan militias rages on for the second day, Garowe Online reports. 

At least six people were killed, and a dozen injured in Saturday's confrontation that broke out over the ownership of a pastoral fields in Labi-Ano, 45 km away from Dhusamareb town. 

The local residents said the area is still too tense and there might be further clashes that could erupt at anytime as war preparations are underway in nearby rural villages. 

Clan elders and other peace advocates are trying to defuse the tension in the settlement and calling for an immediate end to the fighting through dialogue, instead of the bloodshed.

They said the battle has repeated several times and it is over long-standing vendetta between the two sub-clans who are in deadlock over territorial and resource control. 

Although most of the casualties of yesterday's battle were combatants from the clan loyalists, two unarmed civilians have also been killed, according to the region's officials.

The country is suffering from a severe drought that continues to push the aid-dependent nation closer to a full-blown famine.  


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