Somalia: Three soldiers killed in car bombing in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU, Somalia-  At least three government soldiers were killed in Wednesday when a car bomb exploded in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, the latest in a string of attacks, Garowe Online reports. 

Capt Mohamed Hussein, a senior Somali Police officer confirmed to GO that the blast was caused by a car loaded with explosives intercepted at Hawo Tako nighbourhood by security forces in the morning. 

Three bomb disposal unit soldiers lost their lives, and two others wounded, while trying to defuse the explosives attached to the car that was destined for an attack on targets in Mogadishu, Hussein added. 

"The Police managed to thwart a car bomb attack in the capital by al-Shabaab, and arrest the occupants of the car bomb and they are reportedly being interrogated by NISA agents," he said.

The incident is similar to a car bomb on Monday that went off near the country's National Theatre in the capital causing no casualties after it was seized by Police before reaching its target.

No group has claimed this latest attack but al-Qaida-linked al-Shabaab insurgents have carried out series of bombings, attacks and killings in a bid to overthrow the internationally backed Somali Federal government. 


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