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Somalia to postpone presidential election


MUQDISHU, Somalia - The Presidential election of Somalia is expected to be postponed to December following failure to meet deadlines for the Lower House elections in regional states, Garowe Online reports.

In an interview with BBC,  UN Special Representative to Somalia, Michael Keating said the Presidential election of Somalia could be postponed to next month, as the parliamentary elections is still in progress in various regions in Somalia.

The election was scheduled to held in November 30, but the parliamentary elections took longer time than stipulated in the electoral schedule.

He added the upcoming lawmakers could vote for the new Somali President in the mid of next month. Efforts are focused on the elections of both Houses, as it still in progress, but election will highly be delayed than its original date.

About 50-percent of the parliamentary elections is completed, whereas country's eletoral and dispute bodies said it will carry investigations into allegations of corruption, irregularities and intimidation that could  result in the nullification of ballot results of seats won in rigged elections.

This is the fourth time the election was delayed, as the Somali leaders-term ended in September 10- extended their office term without constitutional mandate.

The International community has in the past urged Somali leaders to implement the electoral process  without further delay.


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