Somalia: Upper House election for northern region to start in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU, Somalia- Federal electoral body has announced today that the election of Upper House Senators for Somaliland community will start in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Sunday morning, Garowe Online reports.

On December 27, Somalia sworn-in the new Lower and Upper Houses of Federal Parliament despite that Somaliland community didn’t conclude the parliamentary election to elect their MPs and Senators.

According to the communiqué released earlier by Somalia’s National Leadership Forum-comprises of leaders of Somali government and regional states- 11 seats were reserved for Somaliland community in the Upper House chamber.

However, today’s ballots will take place at the Police Transport headquarters in Abdiaziz district in Mogadishu. Federal Indirect electoral Implementation team (FIEIT) said about 16 candidates will compete for the first phase of electing 6 Senators.

The election was postponed several times due to dispute over the process between Somaliland elders and Federal electoral committees.

On the other hand, election of Lower House Speakership is set to take place this week, whereas the election of Upper House leadership is undecided due to the ongoing elections of Senators from Somaliland community.

The new MPs and Senators are expected to jointly vote in a secret ballot for the new Somali President in January 2017.