​Somalia's security forces rescue Indian sailors from pirates


EL HUR, Somalia- Somali Intelligence and Police officers have rescued eight Indian sailors on Wednesday after clashes with armed pirates near coastal town of Hobyo, Garowe Online reports.

The commander of National and Security Agency (NISA) forces in Galmudug, Sadiq Joon said the Indian seamen were freed during an operation in El Hur area south of Mudug region by the army. The rescue operation has led to the arrest of four pirates, Joon added.

The Indian sailors who were taken to land by pirates on Sunday after hijacking Indian cargo ship M.S.V. Al Kausar was freed by Somali security forces near the coast of Hobyo town in central Somalia.

All the crew, including the captain, are safe and now taken to a safe location in Galmudug.

The Indian-owned commercial ship and its 10 crew members were seized in the Indian Ocean en route to the southern port town of Kismayo, the interim capital of Jubbaland administration.

The incident marked the fifth pirate attack this year off the Somali coast. Security officials say piracy is reemerging in Somali waters following an increase in illegal fishing.

In March, Somali pirates hijacked the Comoros-flagged oil tanker Aris 13 near Alula in Puntland's Bari region, marking the first such of hijacking of a large commercial vessel since 2012.