Somalia’s Women Ministry condemns rape case in Galdogob


MOGADISHU, Somalia- In a statement released by country’s Women and Human Rights Ministry, it has strongly condemned the gang-rape of a young girl in Goldogob district in Mudug region recently, Garowe Online reports.

The case took place 3 weeks ago and provoked widespread outrage from public after footage of the sexual assault of the victim by men were circulated in the social media.

According to reports, 6 males-between ages of 13 to 16- stabbed the victim with a knife and took turns to rape her. The young girl survived the assault but sustained serious injuries, according to relatives.

However, Police authorities said it had captured most of the suspects in connection to the rape case near Ethiopia-Somali border and revealed it carrying out manhunt to apprehend the remaining culprits.

Authorities in Galdogob district have strongly condemned the incident and revealed it will take actions against those who have committed crimes against women.

 “The Ministry of Women and Human rights of Federal government is strongly condemning all rape cases in the country in general and particularly the rape of a young girl in Goldogob district in Mudug region,” read the statement.

“The Ministry urges judicial institutions and national security agencies to bring to justices those who committed rape crimes, we pray Allah to grant her speedy recovery.”

On the other hand, Puntland government is yet to release a statement in regard to the tragic case that prompted hundreds Somalis from different levels of the society to call the government to take immediate actions against the offenders.

This comes as recently Puntland government has officially passed Sexual Offence bill, a law that protect women rights, criminalizing all sexual offences in the region, including gang rape, sexual exploitation and abuses.


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