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Somalia: Former Puntland VP denies joining Somaliland political party


HARGAISA, Somaliland- Former Puntland Vice President Abdisamad Ali Shire, who is in a visit to Hargaisa city, the capital of Somaliland administration, has denied recent reports claiming he is joining Somaliland political opposition party Wadani, Garowe Online reports.

The reports surfaced following talks between former Vice President Shire and chairman of Wadani opposition political party in Hargaisa in the past days.

But during an interview with GO Shire downplayed the claims and stated his visit was for medical reasons and wasn’t for political move.

He said he has good relations with officials from Somaliland government and political parties, as he previously made visits to Hargaisa city during his past tenure and after.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise that I was invited by Somaliland administration, I also was courteously welcomed by people in Hargaisa, I am politician and I have good relations with Somaliland politicians” said Shire.

However, during the interview Shire stated he will travel back soon to Puntland region after concluding his visit in Hargaisa city.

Somaliland located in the northwestern of Somalia, has declared its independence from the rest of Somalia as de facto sovereign state in 1991 but it has not been recognized internationally. 


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