Somalia: Somaliland police, militia clash in deadly skirmish


HARGEISA, Somaliland-Somaliland police clashed with clan militiamen in deadly skirmish near the capital, Hargeisa, Garowe Online reports. 

The armed confrontation occurred after gunmen confronted a delegation of ministers and clan elders in Qooladay area, 34km south of Hargeisa.  

Witnesses and medics have confirmed that a government soldier was killed and four others including two civilians wounded.  

Somaliland government is planning to construct animal quarantine facility in Qooladay, despite stiff opposition by the locals. 

Security forces are now in control of Qooladey, with units on manhunt for the assailants who fled right away according to security sources.  

The wounded officers are being treated at Hargeisa General Hospital.  

Somaliland, located in northwestern Somalia is in gear for self-declared Independence Day on May 18.


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