Israel Conducts Missile Strike in Iran, Tensions Escalate as Both Nations Exchange Warnings


WASHINGTON, USA - Israel launched a missile attack in Iran early on Friday morning local time, according to U.S. media sources that cited unnamed officials. Broadcasters ABC, CBS, and NPR reported the incident but did not provide further details on the exact location or the targets of the missile.

A spokesperson for the Israeli military declined to comment on the American media reports when approached by VOA, an hour after the news broke. In response, Iran’s state-run news agency IRNA reported that the Islamic Republic’s air defenses were activated in several provinces, though the reasons were not specified.

Additionally, IRNA and the government-affiliated Fars News Agency, which is connected to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, cited unnamed sources stating an explosion occurred in the Isfahan province of central Iran. Fars detailed the explosion in the city of Qahjaverestan, east of Isfahan city, but did not provide information regarding casualties or damage.

The incident follows a stark warning from Israel to Iran, threatening retaliation for an unprecedented attack on Israeli soil last Sunday. Iran has warned that any retaliatory attack by Israel would meet with a swift and severe response.

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