Looking up to dazzling Somali culture


By Abdirashid M. Dahir

While watching from afar, they donned ‘subeeciyad’, traditional attire for women. They revived rich heritage in the field of poetry, and most impressively Puntland Vice President himself draped white clothes over shoulders and around his waists.

With sun dipped into watery horizon over Garowe, I was a bit certain of my quick feel when young men and women decked out as the sons and daughters of this beautiful country. Dear Somalis, mind pause and look at how moms weaved mats, baskets, not a little a variety of traditional utensils carved out of wooden objects….needless to say this is a nostalgic exhibition for those who enjoyed the good old days of Somalia.

Culture and creativity week, it was dubbed of course by the organizers. It may not be possible everywhere for Somalis to in recess honor things passed down from forefathers famed with ‘Barkin’.

Are you really bothered about these crafts?—arts have been pivotal in everyday life in Somalia for years if not centuries. Artistic tradition has not been left behind either.

If you valued vibrant culture, you would arguably insist that theatres and museums were dilapidated into oblivion without clear strategy in sight in the foreseeable future.

Let’s grasp what we need to do with the fact; Somalia is still rich in myrrh, twigs and shinning brushwood.

I personally salute emerging curiosity of Somali newlyweds---whether groom or bride who nowadays prefer nomadic life, seeing Somalis wagging up and down, lively articulacy, extolling of traditional shemagh and more drooling buzzing in ‘Ardaa’ or square adorned with a bundle of homegrown trees to D.C., London and Ottawa.

Cultural week in Garowe was really a unique opportunity to swing us back into this arena. I used to say, 1990s generation should be lectured a lot about highly cherished not multifaceted culture of Somalia, now this theme contradicts the reality #Beintheknow Dear Somalis.

Dhaanto, traditional folk dance tracked with its stylish cobra and unmatched genre is now a benevolent regard across Somalia.

Come on, Dear Somalis! We can stay being a nation of poets and cheerleaders of handcrafts, culinary recipes, eloquence, carving and painting. 

Abdirashid M. Dahir writes about Somalia's economic infrastructure.

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