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Somalia: Delayed Cabinet formation: reasons and reality


By Hashi

Sharmarke Cabinet formation process has faced huge challenge form President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Mohamud want four of his close friend and controversial ministers to be included the new Cabinet. Hussein Abdi Halane, acting Finance Ministr, Farah Abdulkadir acting minister of Justice, Abdulkarin Guled whom President Hassan want to be give Interior and Federalism Ministry, the fourth one is Abdulahi Mohamed Ali (Sanbaloshe) for Internal Security Minister. Sanbaloshe was sacked by the Cabinet du to abusive behaviour and misconduct.

President also want Constitution and Reconciliation ministry to be rewarded his close friend and Bussiness partner Yusuf Amin Badiyow. This means Damul Jadid and their associate would have full control on Vision 2016. President Hassan agreed to include the new Cabinet Mustaf Dhuhulow acting Minister of Information Khadijo Dirie acting minister for gender and family affairs . Both Mustaf and Khadija are supporters of former Prime Minister Abdiweli Shiekh Ahmed.

Prime Minister Sharmarke has rejected to include  4 controversial ministers to his cabinet and warned the consequence of that. And he argued that  First : The opposition will consider this move as provocative  and unreconciled message to them. Second it will polarise the situation and may cause greater political instability. Third, those controversial individuals would destabilise the cabinet and bring domination and divisive policy in which will lead political deadlock and delay the implementation of vision 2016. 

Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, the leader of ISWA is also lobbying inclusion of Farah, Sanbaloshe, Abdulkarin and Halane in to the new Cabinet. He threatened Sharmarke that he will lobby with his constituency and deny him the vote of confidence if he doesn't include the 4 controversial individual. Sharif Hassan is part of deal that Hassan Shiekh reached with him, Ahmed Madobe and potential Central Regions leased Abdi Hassan Qabydid who is backed by Mohamoud. 

If Sharmarke succumb the pressure and accept the controversial individuals,  he will face huge challenge to secure vote of confidence in Parliament. And even if he succeeded getting the confidence of the parliament, his credibility will be damaged. This winner takes all and one side cabinet will add the fuel the fire of unstable political situation in which will definitely lead few months later another motion against prime minister or the President. 

To avoid that , the Parliament Caucus has continuously exert pressure on Sharmarke to distance his cabinet from the controversial and polarising figure, and international community has to put pressure on the President to give space and independence to the PM. 

By Hashi, abdihashi02@gmail.com

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